June 30, 2023

Variability in Cohesion: 6 Creative Modular Lighting Designs

Author: Radmila Durasinovic
Tags: Design / Showcase Category: magazine

Variability in Cohesion: 6 Creative Modular Lighting Designs

The Design Defender Showcase series features products from leading manufacturers in the design industry, providing a rich source of inspiration for professional designers and design enthusiasts alike, helping them stay up-to-date with the latest trends and discover fresh ideas for ongoing projects.

Modularity continues to be a strong trend in all areas of furniture and object design, including lighting. Due to their highly adaptable and often formally or technologically innovative nature, the advantages of modular lighting systems are manifold. The combination of interchangeable components and cutting-edge technology incorporates flexibility and scalability into the design, giving modular lighting an edge in systematic application, particularly for large projects. The use of modular elements also ensures visual cohesion, resulting in a unified aesthetic when scaling up or down. This cohesion also extends to the customisation and personalisation of products as well. Users can combine components to create configurations that suit their preferences or needs, while preserving the designer’s aesthetic intent. This allows individuals to express their own style, while staying within the guidelines of a carefully designed lighting system. However, for designers, achieving variability in consistency is one of biggest challenges in modular design. In this article, we present six modular lighting designs that defy the repetitive pitfalls of modular design by playing with form, color, and materials to deliver visually captivating designs applicable to interiors big or small.  

Moonflower © Stilnovo

Moonflower / Stilnovo

Designed to “decorate with light”, Moonflower by Colin Johnson consists of a petal-shaped module that can be arranged in various configurations, creating a flexible illuminated decorative panel that can be tailored to different spaces. The rotation of the modules allows users to play with the geometry of the pattern, while the light emitted by the Moonflower can be controlled through static, dynamic, and customisable programmes that offer a range of lighting options, from fixed and consistent illumination to dynamic and changing lighting effects. Users can create their own unique lighting sequences and colour schemes, enabling them to transform a space according to their desired ambiance.

Collier © Italamp

Collier / Italamp

Designed by Marc Sadler, Collier is made up of a series of blown glass elements, each crafted in different shapes and colours, resembling jewels. These glass elements are strung together in a manner that allows for endless possibilities and configurations, resulting in a highly customisable lighting solution. The modular nature of Collier means that each glass element can be added, removed, or rearranged according to the desired design. This flexibility allows for the creation of dynamic and ever-evolving lighting installations, where the arrangement of glass elements can be altered to adapt to different occasions or moods.

Stochastic © Luceplan           

Stochastic / Luceplan           

Offering a poetic take on modularity, Stochastic, designed by Daniel Rybakken, features a series of glass spheres, each attached to delicate steel rods of varying lengths. When clustered together, these elements give rise to an ethereal structure that resembles a bunch of balloons. The thin steel rods that support the glass spheres create the impression of floating orbs suspended in mid-air, while the varying lengths of the rods allow for the creation of an organic and dynamic composition.

Coordinates © Flos

Coordinates / Flos

Coordinates, designed by Michael Anastassiades, presents a more rational take on modularity, transforming the Cartesian coordinate system into a decorative lighting element. The linear horizontal and vertical luminaries comprising the system are specifically designed to be multiplied into arranged in grids of various shapes and complexities. Seamlessly blending rational shapes and orthogonal geometry, Coordinates brings both illumination and aesthetic enhancement to any space.



DOT TO DOT by C12+ design studio draws inspiration from the childhood game of connecting dots to reveal an image. This playful concept is reflected in the lamp's composable design, consisting of individual arms of different lengths with incorporated LED lights. They can be used individually or combined together thanks to their circular junctions, enabling users to construct a lighting composition of their choice akin to connecting the dots. In encouraging user interaction, DOT TO DOT creates a delightful synergy between light and imagination.


Fields © Foscarini

Fields / Foscarini

The Fields Wall Lamp by Vicente Garcia Jimenez abstractly captures the arid landscape of the La Mancha region in Spain, characterised by small rectangular fields. Comprising three different components, the luminaires can be used individually or combined in various configurations to create a rectilinear lighting installation with a three-dimensional effect. The Fields Wall Lamp transforms the space it inhabits into a canvas for coloured light—in doing so, it bridges the realms of lighting and visual art.

June 30, 2023 Author: Radmila Durasinovic
Tags: Design / Showcase Category: magazine
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