There are many companies that are not investing in design but rather stealing it from others. This is bad for the industry for several reasons.


There are many companies that are not investing in design but rather stealing it from others. This is bad for the industry for several reasons.

There is less work for designers, which, as a consequence, makes the furniture design profession less attractive. The talent pool is shrinking, and design itself suffers from it. Manufacturers that are investing in design are losing profit, so they have less money to re-invest in new design. Retailers are losing the battle with the stores that are selling fake furniture. They cannot survive with their operational costs in competition with the dumping prices of the fake products. Buyers are also affected because they are never sure if the products they are buying are genuine.

There are not many things that honest market players can do today to fight against the flood of fake products. If the trend continues, big damage to the design industry is inevitable.

This is where Design Defender comes to the story. We are deploying powerful, blockchain-based technology that will bring the design industry together to fight against fraudsters all over the world.

You’ve probably heard about something called blockchain, and that was perhaps connected with the noise surrounding Bitcoin and other digital currencies. We are not talking about the digital currency part, but we are taking the technology left behind, called blockchain.

What is so special about blockchain?

The blockchain is a protocol of trust. That is important to remember. When something is written in the blockchain, it stays there forever, and nobody can change it. Design Defender created a blockchain that tracks every single designed product. For each chair, table, sofa, lamp, etc. registered in Design Defender blockchain, we can guarantee that it is original, who produced it, who designed it, when it entered the market, who sold it, etc.

Manufacturers now have an effective tool to fight against fraudsters. Retailers can easily prove to the buyers if their products are genuine. Buyers can check the products they are buying. It is simple to use, but impossible to trick. All players in the design business are now protected.

Find out more details in the “How it works” section and apply for an account as soon as possible. We are accepting only a limited number of Manufacturers in this phase of the project. Hurry up to reserve your place in a safe harbor of the Design Defender.



The key of protection is in tracking of the tag's lifecycle. Manufacturer creates tag and he is the owner of it. Once it arrives in the hands of retailer, Manufacturer transfers ownership of tag to retailer. Now Retailer owns a tag. Buyer becomes owner of a tag when he buys product.

Furthermore, if buyer decides to sell, he is able to transfer ownership to the next buyer. At any moment there could be only one owner of the product. Ownership transfer or check is simple procedure. There is only one party able to transfer ownership of product: current owner.

Blockchain system prevents any data corruption.


Members of the Design Defender platform are carefully and manually selected. Please press the "APPLY FOR PROTECTION" button and start the process by filling in the simple form. After confirming company identity we will evaluate your eligibility to become part of our platform. During the process we will explain all the details related to your membership.

Once we accept your application, you will gain access to the Design Defender web platform where you can start registering your products and order Design Defender tags for every single item you produce.

The technical details of this process will be discussed during direct contact. Apply today for an account, and start protecting your precious designs from illicit industry players.



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