7 Playds

Manufacturer / Moroso

Designer / Elena Sanguankeo


Artworks woven with manual looms The plaid collection created by Elena Sanguankeo is based on a very specific concept in which past techniques are reworked with a modern approach. Darning, patchwork, selvedges, embroidery effects and floating threads are the applications carried out on plaids strictly woven with manual looms. The 7 Playds have been made using manual loom weaving techniques (manual flying shuttle looms) and are distinguished by their craftsmanship and high-quality raw materials. In this world of mass production, handmade products also have significant value from a human perspective. The 7 Playds is a project that invests very high value in “time” to produce handicrafts that are strictly made in Italy. Creators are inspired by passion and curiosity for the intrinsic nature of objects, for the potential of materials and for simple or complex production techniques. Elena Sanguankeo’s works combine a high level of innovation with respect for craft traditions. These exquisite, rare products represent different production techniques and offer buyers what they are made of, namely time and beauty. Designed and made in Italy by Elena Sanguankeo exclusively for Moroso, the project is dedicated to every woman who has sought out and found her passion in life. Each plaid is named after a woman who represented part of the designer’s human and professional growth.



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