Cuadrat-USB collection

Manufacturer / ALMA Light

Designer / Josep Novell ,  Ernest Perera

Category / battery lamp,cordless lamp,hanging lamp,lamp,led,light fitting,light fixture,lighting,table lamp,usb lamp


Cuadrat (ref. 2160) by Josep Novell and Ernest Perera CUADRAT is a wireless lamp that can be used both as a table lamp and as a suspension. CUADRAT, with IP45, is designed to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas with no plugs, for it is a cordless lamp that runs on a battery. What we like most about CUADRAT is that, with a single model, we have a table lamp as well as an original suspension, depending on how it is placed. The holes in the base are purely decorative when the lamp is used as a table lamp, and they serve to place a strip of leather that turns it into a hanging lamp that can be situated anywhere: in the branch of a tree, on a ledge on the wall, on a hook or in an awning. In addition, the base has a practical 'touch dimmer' that allows the lamp to be turned on and off, and to dim its intensity according to the atmosphere we wish to create. The light source is a Cree LED of 1,3W, with 3000K of temperature and a maximum intensity of 150 lumens. The light is dimmable in intensity with the above mentioned ‘on/off/diming touch dimmer’ located in the base. Its lithium polymer battery is rechargeable by any USB -the same as we use for our Android mobile-, it takes about 5 hours to charge and offers an autonomy of about 7 hours. The shade is made of rotomolded polyethylene and the base is made of iron. It comes in three textured finishes: white, corten-brown and anthracite-gray. It is supplied without charger (it can be ordered separately) and with the leather strap for hanging it.



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