Manufacturer / FORM AT WOOD

Designer / Bartłomiej Chojnacki ,  Kamil Schynol

Category / acoustic panels,wall panels,wooden panels


The HEXAGO CM-D acoustic panel is a unique product that combines sound absorption with an original design. HEXAGO CM-D is the result of cooperation between acoustic experts from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and modern design designers from FORM AT WOOD. The surface of the HEXAGO CM-D panel is hexagonal in shape and the 3D front made of oak has a specially perforated recess in the middle. HEXAGO CM-D has a sound absorption class D (EN ISO 11654), absorbs more than 60% of the sound in the range 200-800 Hz and also improves the speech transmission index (STI). The panel is dedicated to, for example, offices, conference rooms, hotel lobbies and other public facilities. The HEXAGO CM-D panels also blend perfectly with other FAW products, such as CARO or CARO MINUS, so that you create not only a functional but also an impressive space. ACOUSTIC FEATURES: -function: absorption and diffusion -absorption class: D (acc to ISO 354:2003) -absorption range: 200-1000 Hz -αw= 0,45 (acc to ISO 11654:1997) -NRC= 0,60; SAA= 0,58 (acc to ASTM C423-17) -diameter of holes: 6mm -diffusion range: 400-3150 Hz (acc to ISO 17497-2) GENERAL FEATURES: -materials: solid wood, plywood, mineral wool, acoustic fabric, chipboard -finish: hard wax oil, varnish (D-s2,d2 or B-s1,d0) -mounting methods: freely hanging on screws or mounting glue -weight: 4,4kg/pcs; 28,2 kg/m2



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