Manufacturer / Hem

Designer / David Taylor

Category / Lighting,Table lamps


The Knuckle Lights by David Taylor are an exercise in visual balance, a kind of joyful play between the organic and the geometric. Knuckle is inspired by Taylor’s signature bent extruded aluminum art pieces, which are created by forcing this most stringent of materials into new shapes and forms. This method of working, translated into Knuckle, creates a sense of softness and fluidity uncommon in an industrial product. Knuckle comes in the form of a modest table light with one bulb, and as a chandelier version, resplendent with eight bulbs. The table light is nicely weighted, with a brushed aluminum finish that reflects the light from the bulb in a soft, muted way. The bend in the lighting arm gives the design a truly fluid sensibility, and a raw yet refined beauty. The horizontally configured chandelier expands Taylor’s idea onto a much grander scale, and works as a design centerpiece; visually fascinating and temptingly tactile all at once. Knuckle is a piece that plays with our perception, sense of materiality, and with the idea of harmony itself.



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