Totem II Floor Lamp collection

Manufacturer / ALMA Light

Category / floor lamp,lamp,led,light fitting,light fixture,lighting


Totem II (ref. 3333) by Cristian Cubiñá Totem II floor lamp is an elegant luminaire with a fluted borosilicate glass cylinder that turns it into a beautiful light column. Totem II therefore provides light all around by projecting light at 360 degrees. It is a reversal of the already existing Totem I floor lamp. Totem II again combines two noble materials such as iron and glass. What differentiates the new Totem II from its predecessor is the structure, which in this case has three rods for longitudinal fastening of the glass, as well as the presence of dimmable LED technology, which includes a 'dimmer' switch located along of the cable. What most attracts us about this floor lamp is its original concept, very similar to that of Totem I, with a refined retro air and a stylish balance between weight and lightness, between solidity and transparency. We believe that it brings personality to minimalist interior designs or blends in with more complex environments, becoming room-wildcard lamp adaptable to any space. It is ideal for the living room in a home, or to provide a touch of design to a retail space, to the common areas of a hotel or restaurant, a waiting room, etc. Totem II is 150cm tall. The shade is a transparent fluted borosilicate glass cylinder with a diameter of 12cm. The iron structure is made up of a base, an upper cover and three rods that link both along the glass. It comes in two finishes: textured black painted, and electrolytic bath in satin bronze. The light source is a TRIAC-dimmable 2700K 16W 1520lm LED module. It includes a switch/dimmer.



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