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Tribeca Chandelier (ref. 5800) by Jordi Llopis TRIBECA CHANDELIER is a design by Jordi Llopis that captures the spirit of the already existing TRIBECA collection, taking its style parameters to their maximum expression, dimensions and visual impact. It is an impressive set of large suspensions whose most relevant characteristic is that they can be combined with each other. The collection is based on three rings (60, 90 and 120cm in diameter) of 6, 9 or 12 shades each. Each ring can be installed individually, or forming a double or triple pendant... or larger! These rings can be equal, or of different diameters, and can be installed with the shades facing up or down as required by the decoration. The cables from which the rings hang can start from the canopy itself, or they can be installed vertically down from the ceiling, leaving the canopy free to be placed independently. Thus, TRIBECA CHANDELIER is a collection of “à la carte” light fixtures that adapts to the taste of the decorator and allows a large number of combinations starting from only 3 structures. What captivates us most about TRIBECA CHANDELIER is its classic beauty and its versatility. It is a safe bet when it comes to bringing a striking large pendant to a space. The thin curved tube of the rings (12mm) offers great visual lightness, the alabaster provides translucency with the unique veining of each shade, and the majestic design is a magnet for the eyes. In its simple versions, TRIBECA CHANDELIER is designed to illuminate, for example, a dining table; the multiple versions are ideal for large atriums, stairwells or large spaces in restaurants or hotels. The structure is made of textured black painted iron that is supported by a braided steel cable. The shades are natural alabaster spheres 12cm in diameter. The light sources are integrated 4.5W 2700K 270lm LEDs, which can be supplied on-off, or dimmable in two types: compatible with TRIAC, or DALI dimming. The driver is always included, housed inside the canopy.



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