Introducing All-in-One Product Management and Website Instant Search Solution

Attention Retailers!

Are you an interior design retailer aiming to redefine your online presence and captivate your audience like never before? Your search ends here! Introducing Design Defender's state-of-the-art platform meticulously crafted to revolutionize your virtual showroom experience.

Not only does Design Defender elevate your brand, but it also enhances the shopping experience for your customers. Our instant search functionality ensures that they can find their perfect piece with ease, leading to higher satisfaction and conversion rates.

Seamless Content Management

Effortlessly manage your product catalog, update listings, and showcase your latest arrivals with our intuitive Content Management System (CMS). Streamline your workflow and stay ahead in the dynamic world of interior design.

Design Defender puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your unique products and set prices that reflect your brand's value. With our intuitive platform, customization is key. Tailor product photos and documents to match your aesthetic and branding, ensuring a seamless integration with your overall online presence.

Design Defender empowers you to create an immersive, personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Instant Search for Unmatched Convenience

Introducing our revolutionary instant search feature! With just a simple copy and paste of a short code, you can seamlessly integrate lightning-fast search capabilities into your existing website. This empowers your customers to effortlessly discover the perfect piece for their space within seconds, guaranteeing a smooth and gratifying shopping experience.

Gone are the days of frustrating searches. With our easy-to-implement solution, you can enhance your customer's journey with a powerful search functionality, all without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Elevate Your Brand with Customization

Stand out from the crowd with personalized branding options. Tailor the look and feel of your online showroom to reflect your unique style and identity.

Present your products in all their glory with high-quality images and immersive content layouts. Let your craftsmanship shine through in every detail.

Captivate your audience with an engaging and user-friendly interface. Increase conversions and drive revenue by providing a superior online shopping experience.


Why Choose Us?

Expertise in Interior Design: We understand the nuances of this industry, and our platform is designed to cater specifically to your needs.

Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to your success. Receive prompt and personalized support whenever you need it.

Stay Ahead of Trends: We're continuously evolving to incorporate the latest trends and technologies in the world of e-commerce and interior design.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Do you provide in-person demonstrations of the CMS?
Yes, we certainly do offer in-person demonstrations of our CMS. To schedule a demo, please reach out to us via the contact form on our website. Our team will promptly respond with all the necessary details to arrange a demonstration tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to showcasing the capabilities of our CMS in person!

Can you somewhat automatically import our existing catalog of products into your system?
Absolutely. We've developed advanced capabilities to efficiently crawl and import your existing product catalog into our system. This seamless process ensures a smooth transition and allows you to start using our system with minimal hassle. We're dedicated to making the onboarding process as effortless as possible for you.

Multilingual Support: Do You Offer It?
Yes, our software provides robust multilingual support. This means you can seamlessly manage content in multiple languages, ensuring a tailored experience for your diverse customer base.

What Elements in the CMS Are Translatable?
In our CMS, you can translate various elements such as product descriptions, titles, categories, and meta-information. This allows you to create a comprehensive multilingual experience for your customers.

Is Google Indexing Enabled for Published Products?
Absolutely. Products published through our system are designed to be search engine-friendly. This means they can be indexed by search engines like Google, enhancing your online visibility.

Do You Provide Implementation Services?
Yes, we offer comprehensive implementation services. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth integration of our software into your existing infrastructure, guaranteeing a seamless transition.

Full Website Development: Is It Within Your Service Range?
While we specialize in providing powerful CMS solution, we do not typically engage in full website development. However, we do make exceptions when we are faced with interesting business cases.While our expertise lies in delivering powerful CMS solutions, full website development is not typically within our scope. Nevertheless, we do consider exceptions for compelling business cases.

Is There a Cap on the Number of Products We Can Publish?
There is no strict limit on the number of products you can publish. Our system is built to handle a large inventory, ensuring that you can showcase your complete range of offerings without any constraints.

Can We Install This System on Our Own Servers?
Yes, you have the option to install our system on your own servers. This provides you with full control over the hosting environment and allows for customization to suit your specific needs and preferences.



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